Key Messages

These are some key messages you may wish to get across to the public, whether it’s through newspapers, online or broadcast:


1.    Pharmacies are on the frontline of the national effort to limit the impact of coronavirus and to keep people well. 
2.    As well as handling a massive increase in demand for advice and medicines, we’re also continuing to provide urgent care, help for minor illnesses and supporting people with long term medical conditions.
3.    Pharmacy teams are there for you in this crisis. But while pharmacists may be acting heroically, we are not invincible, so please remember to respect our safety and do not to go to the pharmacy if you are, or might be, infected with coronavirus!
 4.    Please be patient with pharmacy staff, who are doing their utmost, under extreme pressure, to support you at this time; treat them with courtesy, as you yourself would wish to be treated. 
5.    Please only buy the medicines you need now for you and your family; this will help to avoid creating difficulties for others, so that everyone in your community gets the medicines they need.



Template newspaper column 

Click here for a template newspaper column to personalise and send to local press.

Template letter to MPs 

Click here for a template letter to MPs​.

Engage local politicians – Pharmacy Heroes placards

Ask your local MP to show their support for community pharmacy teams by sharing the following rainbow images via their social media channels by using the #pharmacyheroes hashtag. The MP can either simply share the image, or print it out, sign it and share.

TIP: Simply click on the image and right click to save.