Pharmacy on the NHS Frontline – telling the story to media and politicians

Pharmacies are on the frontline of the national effort to limit the impact of coronavirus and to keep people well. As well as handling a massive increase in demand for advice and medicines, you are also continuing to provide urgent care, help for minor illnesses and supporting people with long-term medical conditions. The contribution of pharmacies has already been documented in scores of newspapers, on TV and radio, and social media.  

We want the well-deserved noise about pharmacy’s heroic contribution to continue, and to get across to the public what to expect of pharmacies at this time, plus the importance of treating pharmacy staff with courtesy and understanding. It’s also important to reinforce our appeal to the public not to stockpile medicines, so that everyone in the community gets the medicines they need.

This website makes it easier for you, as pharmacy teams, to take part in media work and tell your own story about life on the NHS front line. It will also help you engage your local MP as an advocate for your vital work. 

The resources include: 

This website is a joint initiative by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC). 

We recognise that pharmacy staff are among many other heroes in health care, social care and other parts of society. So while calling out the important role of pharmacy, it is also important to acknowledge that pharmacists and pharmacy staff are part of a wider community of support.